Your new console needs a 4K screen and this 55-inch LG Smart TV is reduced to 419.99 euros

Your new console needs a 4K screen and this 55-inch LG Smart TV is reduced to 419.99 euros

If you have already made the leap to the new generation of consoles, you will need a 4K screen to enjoy your graphics in great detail. And, what’s the use of having a PS5 or an Xbox Series X | And if you can’t take advantage of its full potential?

Fortunately, This LG Smart TV has a 55-inch screen and supports 4K. And above, It’s on sale! It is a 2020 version with all the apps updated to offer you the best performance watching videos and playing video games, and It costs you only 419.99 euros on eBay.

Television ships free from Spain by a highly reputable seller who has a nearly 99% eBay rating. What’s more, for an additional 13.76 euros you can add a one-year warranty extension Allianz Assistance to feel more secure with your purchase.

As we already anticipated you, It is a Smart TV with 4K resolution and HDR10 + technology for content compatible with these technologies not only on the latest generation consoles, but also on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney +, among others.

You can enjoy vibrant colors and very natural brightness in this model that also has the latest version of its webOS operating system. Also integrates technologies such as Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Apple TV +.

But It also has hundreds of other applications for streaming, video games and much more, to turn this 55-inch TV into a complete multimedia center. Dispose of three HDMI ports and three USB 2.0 ports to connect all kinds of players, peripherals or external hard drives.

A great Smart TV to make the leap to 4K, especially since it is on sale on eBay at a price of 419.99 euros. Take advantage of this historical minimum price and get a television that will become your new best friend to enjoy all kinds of series, movies and video games at home.

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