Windows Tool, new control panel for Windows 10 management

Windows Tool

Windows Tool will be a new control panel that will collect all the tools of advanced management of Windows 10 in one place. Microsoft has released it in the latest trial version for Insiders, Build 21354, and will release it in the final version of Windows 21H2.

Since the first versions of Windows, the operating system has included an ‘Administrative Tools’ control panel that contains a variety of shortcuts to a series of applications that are intended for advanced users to manage Windows and perform administrative tasks.

Considering that Microsoft is in the process of removing the classic Control Panel by moving its functions to the modern Windows 10 Settings app, it may come as a surprise that it has added a new panel. The idea is reorganize Windows administrative tools that surely have no place in a Configuration that Microsoft wants for daily use and lighter. Or they will move later to permanently remove the control panel. We will see.

What will Windows Tool include

This new panel will include all the applications included in the ‘Windows Administrative Tools’ and others that are currently distributed in other parts of the system. In total there will be about 40 applications including among others:

  • Team manager
  • System configuration
  • Defragmenter and Drive Optimizer
  • Memory diagnosis.
  • Registry Editor
  • Resource and performance monitor
  • Task scheduler
  • Recovery unit
  • Events viewer
  • Windows Defender
  • PowerShell and command prompt
  • Execute command
  • Quick assistance
  • Remote Desktop

The new panel will also include news such as the recent Power Automate Desktop or others that may be arriving in the future. Like the current Administrative Tools control panel, Windows Tool will be located both in the Control Panel and in the start menu. It can also be started from the application run or create a shortcut on the desktop with the following command:

explorer.exe shell ::: {D20EA4E1-3957-11d2-A40B-0C5020524153}

Windows Tool will be introduced to all users in the final version of Windows 21H2, the big update we expect next fall.

As for the future of the Control Panel what to tell you. The general system management tool that has been with us since Microsoft opted for graphical interfaces is destined to disappear in favor of the “Settings” app. Microsoft considers it a legacy component and believes that it should be transformed into a more modern tool in tune with the design and experience of Windows 10. Windows Tool is a rarity of that strategy, although we see it more as a way to reorganize administrative tools in One place.

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