Steam’s version of Nier Automata will receive a patch that will improve its performance on PC

Steam's version of Nier Automata will receive a patch that will improve its performance on PC

Nier Automata is one of the great games of recent years, which in the case of PC is available on Steam and in the Microsoft Store. Compatible players can choose both options, but the quality of the Game Pass version is much higher than that of the Valve platform, as we already told you.

This caused many players to punish Nier Automata on Steam with a review bombing campaign, considerably lowering the valuation of the game on that platform (from Very positive to Mixed). Microsoft added the version Become As Gods Edition, which has superior performance and has many improvements, as it happens in Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Given the growing complaints, the official Nier account on Twitter has confirmed that a patch is already in development for Nier Automata on Steam, which will improve its performance compared to the version available in Microsoft Store. And it will even add functions that this version does not currently have.

A update patch for the Steam version of NieR: Automata is currently under development. We will have more information to share with you at a later date.”, confirm the creators of Nier Automata on social networks.

Steam users complain about the inferiority of this version compared to Game Pass for PC. For example, the version of Nier Automata available on the Valve platform it does not have a full screen option, it is incompatible with many mods and there are constant frame drops, something that the Game Pass version does not suffer from.




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As if that were not enough, the big failure of Nier Automata on Steam is that it is the release version the game on that system, without updates or patches. For comparison, Nier Automata is available on the Microsoft Store (for Xbox and Windows 10) under the Become As Gods Enhanced Edition.

This patch for Nier Automata is coming to Steam soon, still no confirmed date, but at least we know that an update is being worked on to improve this version. In relation to the saga, you can read our interview with Yoko Taro, creator of Nier Automata, ahead of the launch of Nier Replicant ver.1.224.

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