Star Wars: Detours could be coming to Disney Plus soon, according to a rumor

Star Wars: Detours could be coming to Disney Plus soon, according to a rumor

We are going to start with a history class. Star Wars: Detours is a Star Wars animated series that planned to serve as a parody of the original trilogy and the prequels. George Lucas joined forces with the creators of Robot Chicken, Seth Green and Mathey Ian Senreich to create a comedy inspired by the adventures seen in the Star Wars movies. However, the acquisition of Lucasfilm Disney sent the series into limbo while other animated projects occupied the studio’s attention.

For years there have been quite a few rumors of a possible return to the plan to broadcast Star Wars: Detours, but they have all been left in the water. Now through Cinemablend, a new rumor has arrived, which of course we suggest you take with a grain of salt.

According to this rumor, Disney Plus would be planning to release Star Wars: Detours next May 4th (May the Fourth), the international day of Star Wars, thus ending the forced winter to which the animated series has been brought.

In addition, that same rumor suggests that Disney would have produced new episodes to complete two full seasons. On the same May 4, Star Wars: La Remesa Mala, the spinoff series of The Clone Wars focused on the Clone Force 99. We do not know if this rumor is true or if it will just be “one more”, but certainly many Star Wars fans would be delighted to finally see Star Wars: Detours after so many years.

Would you like Star Wars: Detours to come to Disney Plus?

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