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Sales of personal computers grow strongly despite chip shortage

Selling personal computers increased 55% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2021, according to data from IDC. While all the major manufacturers grew, Apple stood out by doubling Mac shipments.

The ‘PC party’ continues. The lockdowns to curb the pandemic led to an increase in telecommuting, home study and digital home entertainment, and with it the industry was able to turn around a drain that had accumulated for too many years. The PC was neither dead nor will it die as it is irreplaceable for multiple tasks. Unfortunately, a global pandemic had to come for the ‘resurrection’ to occur.

If the 300 million units sold in 2020 represented a year-on-year increase close to 20% Compared to a 2019 where green shoots were already observed and placed the market at levels close to 2008, this year has started really well in an initial period of the year that is not usually the best of the year.

The year-on-year increase of 55% in the first quarter is still motivated by the increase in demand, the pandemic and the need for new infrastructure in consumption and companies. Of course, the period is compared to the first quarter of 2020 when COVID-19 arrived and the crisis began, which at all levels is still in force.

We will have to wait to see the behavior of the market in the following quarters. In any case, very good news that comes despite the production and supply problems which has led to severe component shortages and strained a supply chain that does not expect to recover until the end of 2021. At the very least.

“Unmet demand from last year has carried over to the first quarter and additional demand from the pandemic has also continued to drive volume.”, they explain from the consultant. “However, the market continues to struggle with setbacks, including component shortages and logistics problems, which have also contributed to an increase in average selling prices.”, they clarify.

Sale of personal computers by manufacturers

The industry sold 84 million units in the first quarter of 2021. Leading the market are the two PC giants, Lenovo and HP, separated by just over one percentage point. Both grew very strongly, with year-on-year increases of 59% and 64% respectively.

Dell remains in the third position, but it was the one that grew the least and its market share fell to 15%, far from the two giants. Acer Group recovers market by rising 73% after falling sharply in recent years.

Special mention for Manzana. It is still in fourth position worldwide, but it was the manufacturer that grew the most, 111% no less to increase market share to 8%. Valuable considering that the Cupertino firm is in a complete transition phase towards ARM architecture, replacing the Intel x86 chips that it has been using in recent years.





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