Nintendo Switch Lite announces a new blue color that will be available in May

Nintendo Switch Lite announces a new blue color that will be available in May

In 2019 Nintendo Switch Lite was released, a new bet of the big N for the exclusively portable market. Under the same characteristics as the normal Switch model, but focusing exclusively on portable capabilities, Lite formed what is now known as the Nintendo Switch family of consoles.

Lite hit the market with several colors available, given that it is a compact console, so there is no customization of the Joy-Cons. Yellow, Gray, Turquoise, later Coral and now Blue. These are the models presented by the smallest in the house.

Nintendo today revealed the new color that will be available on the Switch Lite shortly. This dark blue offers a new option when choosing a console model for new players to this popular platform. The new color will be available in stores on May 7 of this year.

We remind you that Switch Lite only allows to play in portable mode and that this console eliminates some of the features of the standard model such as vibration or the infrared sensor. As an advantage, it is a more accessible model in terms of price and easier to take anywhere. We leave you with a small gallery of images so that you can appreciate how this blue color looks.

The Nintendo console, be it one model or another, has sold like “churros”. However, the problems that PS5 and Series X have presented could be carried over to the hybrid platform. Switch could present a shortage of consoles for the remainder of the year, reports the president of Nintendo. Will we see a lack of stock in a few months?

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