Monster Hunter Rise: how to get lots of dango coupons quickly

Monster Hunter Rise: how to get lots of dango coupons quickly

Know the dango is a must have for any hunter in Monster Hunter Rise. Dango is the food of the game, and before leaving the mission it is highly recommended to eat to obtain Increased Health and Stamina, and obtain some special effects that will give us different advantages in the field.

Depending on various factors, each dango will have a percentage chance to activate, and that give you advantages such as accelerated sharpening, recovering more health when using healing objects, defense improvements, making large monsters weaker …

There is a way to make dangos’ effects always activate, with a 100% chance: using dango coupons before paying with money or Kamura points. You will get these as a reward in different places, but they are rare, so it is possible that as a general rule you decided to reserve them for the toughest battles. But you no longer have to!

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You can get secured dango coupons by using the function Varied assortment in the canteen (the one on the menu below see the menu). Here we can automatically transform materials that we have, such as mushrooms, raw meat or parts of monsters, into rations, potions and other consumable objects.

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If you create a lot of objects, when you do so you will see a Yomogi text box, the chef, who will reward you with several dango coupons. You can do this as many times as you want without seeming to stop giving you dango coupons, so take advantage of this way to get items to get the tip dango coupon.

One way to get a lot of raw materials (raw meat) to convert into servings with the assorted assortment option is to talk to Rondine the merchant, in Plaza comrade. In the option Change for objects and Buy merchandise you can buy materials such as gunpowder, net or raw meat with Kamura points.

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