Microsoft Flight Simulator is rated for Xbox One by PEGI

Microsoft Flight Simulator is rated for Xbox One by PEGI

Version of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox One it could be a reality. Although the game is only confirmed for Xbox Series X | S consoles, after coming out on PC last summer, an Xbox One version has never been ruled out. And it could be a reality, because the game has been registered for Xbox One in the PEGI page, the European age classification system.

This could well be a bug (PEGI also signed Borderlands 3 for Nintendo Switch, which is apparently false). But it is true that Asobo Studios has already spoken of its intention to bring the game to Xbox One, although its priority is the version of Series X / S, which will be released this summer (there is no exact date).

Coming to Xbox One, Asobo would have to cut back on the PC version and the next gen console, because the memory of the old console (especially for the Fat 2013 models) is too short for the flight simulator (which is already taking a whole year to get from PC to Series X / S).

Microsoft Flight Simulator surprised all gamers, even those not particularly interested in flight games, with its photorealistic graphics and faithful recreations of real locations. In addition, free updates have been released over time with more airports and better recreations of places in selected countries, such as Japan, UK and Ireland.

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