Metal Gear Solid parody game UnMetal has already released its first gameplay trailer

Metal Gear Solid parody game UnMetal has already released its first gameplay trailer

Last 2020 you could know the development of UnMetal, a Spanish title made by Francisco Tellez, who gave life to UnEpic, and edited by Versus Evil, a company that has released titles such as The Banner Saga or Pilars of Eternity.

UnMetal has the firm intention of consecrating itself as a parody of Metal Gear Solid, while presenting a top-down 2D adventure full of action and stealth in the purest style of the Konami and Kojima saga. Its first gameplay trailer has already been released.

Although no names are mentioned, it is clear where everything comes from UnMetal. Pulling in humor, the gameplay has shown great references to the renowned stealth title that we were able to enjoy a long time ago. The parallels for fans can be clearly seen.

In 1972 four of the best men in a commando arrested you for a crime that you had not committed. It didn’t take long for you to escape from the prison in which you were being held. In your escape you run into another prisoner, Colonel Alan Harris, and what begins as a simple escape ends up being an operation to prevent a massive attack against NATO.

That is the premise that will immerse us in an old school game that will come to Steam sometime. UnMetal has no release date on PC yet, but you can now download the demo through the Valve platform.

For those fans of the saga, you may be interested to know that just a few hours ago an insider claimed that the Metal Gear Solid IP is “ready to return.” Would you like to see the return of the franchise?

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