Mass Effect Legendary Edition compares graphics from original and remastered

Mass Effect Legendary Edition compares graphics from original and remastered

Bioware reveals a new Mass Effect Legendary Edition video focusing on the graphical improvements of the trilogy, when there is a month left to launch. In an extensive blog post (in English) have detailed the changes made to update the visual finish of the games, released two generations ago (between 2007 and 2012).

They make it clear that it is a remastering, not a remakeTherefore, its objective is to improve the original assets while maintaining the aesthetics of the originals.

They began by cataloging any item from the originals (textures, 3D models, interfaces, sounds, kinematics, etc) before outlining their strategy when it comes to modernizing the games (which is not so easy to do in a finished game, since you cannot always take each element of the code as if nothing had happened: they define it as a “castle of cards “).

Some models and characters remain throughout the trilogy (Liara, Garrus, Kaiden, Captain Anderson…), and they have already been improved from game to game: in these cases, they took the most up-to-date and higher-quality models, while respecting the distinctions between games (to show the passage of time and character maturity between game and game, as well as the design of the uniforms, which became more “militarized” towards the end of the trilogy).

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Likewise, they were created new particle effects (fire, smoke), the characteristic “lens flares” of the original have been improved, and the light also acts differently when updating the ambient surfaces and particles (with results that seem to be dividing the fans …).

Here you can see a Gallery with more images, comparing the originals with the remastering.

In addition to the graphical improvements, Mass Effect Legendary Edition incorporates many settings of all kinds, from the controls, the interface, the accessibility (Quality of Life), the difficulty, to the trophies, as they already detailed last week.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now complete, and will be released in PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4 and Xbox One on May 14. The game director would love to make a version on Nintendo Switch … but that would have to wait.

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