Logitech stops producing its Logitech Harmony programmable remotes

Logitech deja de producir sus mandos programables Logitech Harmony

I still remember the first time I saw a Logitech Harmony, it fascinated me. Although its price discouraged me from buying it, for work reasons I was able to try one and I admit that it left an excellent taste in my mouth. For that reason, and although it makes all the sense in the world (now we will get into it) I cannot help feeling a certain sorrow, or rather nostalgia, knowing that Logitech has decided to terminate this product line.

As we can read in CEPro, plans for Logitech Harmony end with the arrival of new units to the market, although all units already manufactured will continue to be sold. In order for the universal programmable remote control to remain attractive both for potential new users and, above all, for those who already have one of them, the company ensures that it will continue to keep alive the platform created around these controls and, among other things, they do not have An end date is foreseen in the task of adding new commands to the database from which the command is fed.

In summary, and as we can read in that article, the company talks about maintaining technical support and updates for the Logitech Harmony «in perpetuity»Or, to be more exact, while there are users of the platform. Thus, while waiting to see how long this commitment translates into, it seems remarkable to me that Logitech does not embrace the end of the life cycle of devices, to shelve everything related to them. I repeat, it is early to draw conclusions, but at least in the first instance, the commitment that the company seems to show with the users of Logitech Harmony seems to me worth mentioning.

Born in a time when remote controls were accumulated on the table, Logitech Harmony was a very interesting proposal, which allowed us to unify in a single remote the management of the television, the DVD player, the multimedia hard disk, the recorder DVD with hard disk, the sound system … yes, times when you almost had to have a seat on the sofa specifically for those controls. Programmable controllers already existed, but the intelligence of the Logitech Harmonies, along with the ability to download specific remote configurations from the Internet, made them stand out from the competition.

Over the years, however, the number of devices we control with infrared remote controls has dropped considerably, and that many of the devices that we currently connect to the television no longer communicate through iR, but through WiFi, has not helped either. Logitech Harmony has long become a means of controlling smart home systems and can interact with digital assistants like Siri. However, it seems that their demand has been insufficient to maintain their production.

We have here one more sample of how ephemeral the life of some devices can be. We already lived it a few years ago with GPS navigators and Mp3 players, functions that were assumed by smartphones. The decline of remote controls has not been so evident, since those of televisions and blu ray players are still present, but the farewell of devices like the Logitech Harmony should serve as a reminder that in a few years it is possible that smartphones will also assume the function of remote controls.

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