Imagine that one day you are creating your artistic piece about two sagas like Halo and Mario, and the account of one of them publishes it in their official profile; or that you love both as a player, and the same thing happens. Well that’s what happened a few hours ago, only that there are already many fans who think of an imminent announcement about something related.

And of course Microsoft has been leaving directions for a while of possible projects in certain places, like that streaming of Phil Spencer. Although it may not mean anything, behind the head of the division on Xbox you could see a Homo Ludens next to the Xbox logo, as is now rumored a Kojima project with Xbox, and just above that shelf a Nintendo switch.

But this is a fantastic fanart piece by an artist who published it on his Instagram account, but now the official Halo on the social network has published. The fans, both of one or the other and of both, have already begun to ponder their bets around possible announcements, surprises or that this goes with second and let’s see both universes together.

The artist’s original account published it as “Mario Chief & Friends”, but Halo’s has gone a bit further and called it: “The Adventures of Mario Chief and Pechtana, huh?“. We leave the work inserted so that you can see it and think if it is something else or if, simply the Halo account has loved it and has published it – with credits to the artist it seems – without much else.

In the post, Mario as Master Chief armed, from bottom to Donkey Kong as Brute Y Bowser as Covenant and in his hand he carries a Peach playing the role of Cortana. Next to Mario, a Koopa is seen as a Grunt.

Microsoft plans small events on upcoming Xbox and PC games coming this year

¿What do you think of all this??