You can now reserve your PS5 in Spain: this store allows it, although not with immediate shipping

Pros and cons of PS5 after the first months since its launch

The PS5 It has become one of the most difficult electronic devices to obtain since its launch, and that is not an exclusive product. However, the little supply that there is, and the immense demand, have meant that as soon as some units are available, they simply fly. However, You can now reserve it at Techinn to receive it on June 22. If it seems late, you just have to stop and think about how long it has been since its launch and you still can’t go and buy it normally. It will not be you on June 22 who regrets not having booked it today.

In fact, reserving it right now at Techinn has only advantages. To begin with, the PS5 is available at a standard price, and not more expensive as we are seeing in some businesses that decide to speculate. Second, if the game console were to be widely available earlier, we’d have our reserved turn at Techinn, and the only thing that can happen is that we receive it before. But if none of that happens, anyway We will make sure that on June 22 we will have our game console to start preparing for the summer games, tournaments with friends, and a vacation with Sony’s next-generation console. For 518 euros you can pre-order the PS5 now at Techinn in the standard version, and for 399 euros in digital version.

Pre-order the PS5 with disc player at Techinn now and receive it on June 22Pre-order the digital PS5 now at Techinn and receive it on June 22

It is available both in its version with a disc reader and in its digital version. The latter is a good option if we take into account that the use subscriptions to play like PlayStation Now or EA Play. There are also many games where the disc does not contain the entire gameInstead, we have to download more files from the Internet and install them on our console as well. And all this not to mention the advantages of not having to go to a store to buy the games. Although there are users who prefer to have physical games or at least have the possibility of using both formats, for these the ideal is the version with a reader. If you are not one of them, the digital version is for you.

Other than that, we are talking about a standard PS5, with its 825 GB main memory and with a Dualsense controller included. To highlight the fact that it has an HDMI cable and a charging cable for the controller, as well as the base for the console. That means that apart from the PS5 we don’t have to buy any other accessories to be able to use it, although an additional controller at an interesting price is never a bad option.

Be that as it may, if you’ve been one of those who has had to wait to get the PS5 and haven’t gotten it yet, this may be a good opportunity to stop complicating yourself. You’ll still have to wait a little longer, but you already have a certain date on which you will receive your brand new next generation video game console and you will ensure a summer with the best video games.

For 518 euros in its version with a disk reader, and for 399 euros in its digital version, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of at Techinn to be one of the lucky holders of a Playstation 5.

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