Up-and-coming Metroidvania Crowsworn Releases First Trailer & Announces Kickstarter Campaign

Up-and-coming Metroidvania Crowsworn Releases First Trailer & Announces Kickstarter Campaign

The genre metroidvania has been revalued in recent years with proposals of the most complete, challenging and full of good work. With each new course, more and more options continue to be presented to continue enjoying this characteristic gameplay.

The very structure of the metroidvanias makes them ideal games for development at the hands of small companies. Many great indies have forged their reputation within the genre and now, it seems that it is the turn of Crowsworn. Trailer now available:

We understand that, after seeing the trailer, the first thing that comes to your mind is a resounding “Hollow knight“. Crowsworn has been presented under a very revealing trailer which has made the intentions of its formula clear.

Mongoose Rodeo, developer of the project, begins its journey through the video game industry with a metroidvania that is powerfully reminiscent of Team Cherry’s masterpiece. Both at the level of mechanical (displacement, items and other aspects …) as well as design level, it is inevitable to compare Crowsworn with Hollow Knight.

The dark aesthetics of indie and its graphic style are very striking And, apparently in the trailer, their combat promises to be frantic, where extras such as the ability to shoot with firearms are very welcome. Did you like what you have seen? Well the campaign of Kickstarter has already been announced.

The dark Victorian theme will put us in control of what appears to be a doctor in a kingdom with great reminiscences of the industrial age of the 19th century. Meanwhile and speaking of the dear and hollow knight, Hollow Knight: Silksong continues to be drawn on the uncertain horizon.

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