The creators of Outriders are working on fixing the annoying bug that empties your inventory

What are expeditions and how are they accessed in Outriders - play them alone or in a group?

The launch of Outriders is leaving a very good feeling, thanks to its satisfactory and risky cooperative proposal, as well as its fun multiplayer options on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. Here you can read our analysis of the new looter shooter from People Can Fly.

However, we already told you that Outriders has an annoying bug that affects more and more players. Numerous complaints first surfaced on a Reddit subforum, commenting that this bug causes you to lose all your armor, weapons, and multiplayer shooter progress.

Like is logic, People can fly He has spoken about it on social networks. After releasing the latest patch for Outriders, the creators of Bulletstorm apologized to the users of their new title, promising that will fix this error with a new update, as soon as they detect the cause of the problem.

Apparently, and according to user complaints, this bug is random and can occur at any time. Of course, it seems that the option of join a random game it could be the main cause of the problem. Another controversial point of Outriders is the absence of dedicated servers, which could influence the appearance of this bug.

We are aware and deeply regret that some users continue to find an inventory deletion. We are doing our best to resolve this issue, both on the server and in the game. We are still working on a restore for all affected accounts” People Can Fly explained on Twitter.




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This Outriders bug is still present after the last patch on PC and consoles, with the aggravation that now makes you lose much more progress than before (as players have advanced further). For example, one player lost everything they achieved during 94 hours of play, and others claim that the same thing happens to them after adding more than 50 hours.

Have you suffered this bug in Outriders? Hopefully that wasn’t the case, as the latest patch adds numerous improvements to the People Can Fly looter shooter, including cross-platform play.

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