Resident Evil Village director reaffirms importance of PS5 3D audio in future horror games

Resident Evil Village director reaffirms importance of PS5 3D audio in future horror games

Fear is approaching by leaps and bounds, as big as a Lady Dimitrescu stride and is that Resident Evil Village is practically on top of us. Capcom warms up for one of its big premieres of the year.

As one of the maximum representatives of the horror genre, Resident Evil Village aspires to dazzle and terrorize many players and fans of the saga. Thus, its director, Morimasa Sato, wanted to clarify some aspects of the game, like the PS5 technology applied to the Village formula.

In an interview for official PlayStation magazine, Morimasa, commented that 3D audio will be an indispensable technology for the future of horror games. For a game like Resident Evil Village, where exploration is a key pillar of the game, I’d say 3D audio is the PS5’s most impressive tech feature.

You can already experience a taste of this in the Maiden demonstration: the footsteps of the castle residents as they climb the stairs, or the sounds of something moving in the dark cellar … The effectiveness of 3D audio in creating a compelling audio space has exceeded my expectations, continued the manager. In horror, creating the sense of presence beyond the visual scene on the screen is essential, which is why I think 3D audio will be indispensable in horror games from now on.

In addition to this, he also dedicated other words to an improvement that although sometimes goes unnoticed, is also closely linked to that immersion that this genre seeks so much. As a game designer, elimination of load times is quietly revolutionary. Those pauses from a few seconds to a few dozen seconds in which players had time to mentally exit the game and return to reality will disappear. I think this will make it more important than ever to design the rhythm and tempo of a game so that users can dive in and play for extended periods without feeling exhausted from the experience.

Do you believe in the power of 3D audio as a differential factor when it comes to creating better experiences? Resident Evil Village keeps revealing more and more details. This past weekend he showed his map and the appearance of Madre Miranda, a key character.

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