Preview and images of Elite season 4, the successful Spanish Netflix series

Preview and images of Elite season 4, the successful Spanish Netflix series

Within the original productions of Netflix In Spain, without a doubt, one that is having enormous success is Elite, a series that started with a class struggle when three students from a public institute were transferred to Las Encinas, a very exclusive school where only the elite of society are. This confrontation between classes will end up causing a series of events that will trigger a murder, leaving the uncertainty if the murder was caused by any of the new students or if there will be something more murky that hides behind that perfect image that the school has.

Although the main plot of the Netflix series It was well closed in its third season, at the end of it it was clear that a new story would take place with some of its main characters, such as Samuel or Guzmán, who will repeat the course in Las Encinas in this season 4 of Elite.

To whet your appetite, Netflix has launched a brief Elite season 4 preview, where we see both old acquaintances and new characters that will appear in this batch of chapters in which, in addition to the mystery of the moment, there will be no shortage of dabbling and love triangles between them. You can take a look at the progress of the new Elite season through the following video.

The plot of the Elite season 4 It starts as the previous one concluded, with the new course beginning in Las Encinas where its protagonists will experience great changes in the center with the arrival of the new director, one of the most powerful businessmen in Europe who is willing to redirect the school, because according to him it has been on the rampage these last few years (which is not surprising considering the murders that have taken place).

The principal brings with him his three children, young people who are too used to always having their way, to having what they want when they want no matter who falls, and who will endanger the union and friendship of the older students. This will cause a new clash of sides, this time between the old students and the new ones, which will trigger a new tragedy with a victim and a person in charge whose identity they must discover. You can take a look at the Elite season 4 images through the following gallery.

Fans of the series will not have to wait too long to see the new chapters, as Elite season 4 will be available in the Netflix catalog from June 18, 2021. In the meantime, here we recommend the 15 best Netflix series in 2021 (so far).

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