Katekyô Hitman Reborn !, KochiKame, Keroro and other classic anime will be free on Pluto TV from May

Katekyô Hitman Reborn !, KochiKame, Keroro and other classic anime will be free on Pluto TV from May

Last October 2020 he arrived in Spain Pluto TV, a new completely free streaming service with various thematic channels of movies, series and television programs to enjoy both on demand and in their live broadcast (in both versions with small advertising breaks).

From the platform they have already announced that they intend to increase their content more and more throughout 2021, and have already confirmed the arrival of two new channels, both dedicated to animation with which many will undoubtedly enjoy the beauty and remember their childhoods (and not so childhoods).

The distributor Luk International has reached an agreement with Pluto TV and will include part of its content on the platform through two completely free channels. The first of them is Classic Anime, a channel that will host classic series such as Katekyô Hitman Reborn !, Keroro, KochiKame, Jewelpet, Ninja Hattori, and Kiteretsu (Nobita’s smarter cousin).

No doubt Keroro, KochiKame and Ninja Hattori are among the classic anime series that many have enjoyed in the regional channels, although within the productions listed for Pluto TV it is also worth highlighting Katekyô Hitman Reborn !, a very popular anime within the Shônen category series that, although it does not cover everything published in its manga version, it did manage to open a gap among fans of the genre.

The plot of Katekyô Hitman Reborn! (aka Tutor Hitman Reborn) follows Tsunayoshi Sawada, a high school student with a big heart, but quite useless in both studies and sports. But his life will change radically when Reborn appears on his doorstep, a strange baby in a suit and tie who can talk and who tells him that he is the tenth successor of the Vongola, an important mafia family. Reborn becomes Tsuna’s personal tutor to make him a completely different person using the power of the Last Will Bullet, a special weapon that brings out all the hidden potential of the boy.

Garfield and his friends

As if this were not enough, the other channel will be dedicated entirely to Garfield, one of the most famous cats in television and comics. The channel will host the series Garfield and his friends, being the first time that it can be enjoyed in our country remastered in 4K and with Castilian dubbing, since in its day the series was broadcast with neutral Spanish dubbing.

You know, As of May 17, 2021, you will be able to enjoy the Classic Anime and Garfield channels on Pluto TV completely free of charge and without the need to register in the application.. What do you think of all the content that Pluto TV offers?

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