Insider claims Metal Gear Solid’s IP is ” ready to come back ”

Insider claims Metal Gear Solid's IP is '' ready to come back ''

Konami has not brought us a new installment of Silent Hill, Castlevania or Metal Gear Solid. The good situation of the Japanese study in the mobile market and its recent restructuring are not very encouraging data for this, but an insider says that The Metal Gear Solid saga could return soon.

It is a rumor and there is no confirmation whatsoever, so you should catch it “with tweezers”. We recently told you that Konami could outsource studios to develop new Castlevania or Metal Gear Solid games, in addition to rumors about two new Silent Hill games.

Insider Karak (Jeremy Peter) has had words for the Konami saga on a podcast from ACG Gaming. When asked about the franchise, he stated that he had had contact with a reliable source, who told him that the IP would be ready to return shortly, without giving more data.

Given the amount of rumors and leaks on this topic, Karak wanted to clarify that this source leaked many details of Far Cry Primal, the exclusivity of Deathloop or the delay of Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, which gives a lot of credence to this claim.

I was somehow informed that Metal Gear was ready for some kind of reboot. That’s why I was discussing IP, it just came down to this and the discussion that Microsoft could be a mediator, enter some kind of agreement in accordance with intellectual property” Karak states in this podcast.




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It is not the first time we have commented that Sony or Microsoft could be involved in negotiations with Konami. In addition, rumors about a possible purchase of Konami or its IPs have always been present, so it is not ruled out that Xbox could give us a big surprise, as was the purchase of Bethesda.

As we say, at the moment it is just a rumor. The last Metal Gear Solid game was the disappointing multiplayer title, Metal Gear Survive, released in 2018. And if we talk about a canonical delivery (and developed by Kojima), it’s about Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, from 2015.

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