For some time now, the video game industry It is being widely used when making movies and television series. You just have to see all the news announced in which popular video games such as The Last of Us, Uncharted or Fallout, among many others, will be adapted.

But the thing is not only in game adaptations, since the video game industry is also used as inspiration for the realization of original novels. Such is the case of Homine ex machine, the new book of Carlos Sisi which is already available in bookstores.

Homine Ex Machina is a science fiction novel in which we are presented with a not too distant future where humanity has allowed political efforts to be carried out by the Conclave, an artificial entity programmed to ensure the well-being of citizens and which has created the Adam, androids that are available in all homes to facilitate any type of task.

Thanks to Cónclave, the entertainment industry has excelled considerably in its development, including Bachelor, a virtual reality video game popular all over the world, where a whole war has been unleashed between players and non-playable characters within the game. which are controlled by the brain of the game.

With the book Homine Ex Machina its author explores various current issues such as virtual realities or artificial intelligence and the behavior of society in a situation in which the struggle for survival seems to have come to an end, leaving their lives in hands of machines and living comfortably.

If you like this type of story, you can already find the novel Homine Ex Machina. In the meantime, here are some sci-fi movies that are surprisingly inspired by real events.