Final Fantasy XIV PS5 improvements detailed

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 improvements detailed

Final Fantasy XIV Online Comes to PlayStation 5 with a series of technical improvements that we detail below, and that have been seen in a new trailer. Its launch will occur in a open beta, and without any additional cost for those who already had it on PS4. The beta release is a precaution: if they don’t discover a major bug, they will proceed quickly to the final release.

Final Fantasy XIV on PS5 will have better graphics, shorter loading times (and therefore higher speed for teleportation), as well as unique Dualsense functions and 3D sound. The open beta begins tomorrow, Tuesday, April 13.

There are three graphics modes on PS5 for FFXIV: 4K (2160p), WQHD (1440p) and Full HD (1080p). According to Shoichi Matsuzawa, the game’s chief project manager, it should be able to be executed at 60 fps in the two lowest resolutions, and even at 4K the framerate would be around all 40 fps, significantly higher than on the PS4 version. He admits that in the moments where dozens or hundreds of characters come together at the same time it could go down, but no less than 30 fps.

I also know has improved the interface and icons, to make them look sharper at these resolutions (when they were created ten years ago they were made for 720p displays). They have used artificial intelligence techniques to avoid going one by one, because otherwise it would be impossible …

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Regarding the unique functions of PS5, it has implemented some uses of haptic feedback in various actions, such as the footprints of the mounts, although they have limited it in the combats so as not to distract the player. In addition, 3D audio will come into play when you move the camera, and notice how the ambient sound changes position as your point of view has changed.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Open Beta to Begin Tomorrow April 13 on PS5. If you already played on PS5 with the backward compatible version of PS4, you can upgrade to the PS5 version at no additional cost to enjoy all its improvements.

The games that best take advantage of the haptic capabilities of the PS5 Dualsense

And if you’ve never played this MMORPG before, remember that has a very generous free trial version, with the base game A Realm Reborn and the first expansion Heavensward, up to level 60. You will join 22 million other players, in a veteran game (also available on PC) that by the end of the year will receive an expansion, Endwalker, and they intend to continue receiving content for the next five years.

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