Xbox Celebrates Bethesda Acquisition With Hilarious Image Series

Microsoft confirms that some Bethesda games will be exclusive to Xbox and PC after the purchase of the company

At this point few players are unaware of it, but last September the announcement by Xbox itself in which they claimed to have reached an acquisition agreement by the ZeniMax group. This included Bethesda and its affiliated studios, but the purchase of the companies it hadn’t been made official by then.

We will have to wait months later, until March, for it to be approved by the European Commission and everything in March was a news torment loop, with the exclusivities spoken by Phil Spencer, the 20 games added to Xbox Game Pass, the games of Bethesda with FPS boost and even the company itself talking about the transition with Xbox.

In short, for several months Bethesda has been on everyone’s lips for these and other announcements, especially for what will happen to many of your games now. But far from thinking about that now Bethesda has joined the Xbox family and that is precisely what they continue to celebrate internally, but externalize with all Xbox followers.

For example, now this series of portraits to commemorate this fact: “We’ve had a series of one-of-a-kind portraits commissioned in honor of Bethesda joining the family and will be posting them throughout the month“They said on Xbox through their Twitter account with the hashtag of the International Day of Brothers, something celebrated yesterday in the US.

We do not know exactly if they will do it weekly or daily, because the number of images they have prepared is not known either. Yes indeed, the first one is in itself is fantastic, we will be waiting for the next one.

These are the exclusive Bethesda Xbox controllers that Microsoft is raffling for their arrival on Game Pass

¿What do you think of the first image with Halo and DOOM as main games?

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