It appears that Among Us is hiding secrets and Easter eggs on its maps, as a player has been able to unravel one in reference to the nintendo fighting game, Super Mash Bros. Melee. It has been seen in his new map, The Airship, hanging on the north wall of said map is an image of one of Melee’s more infamous levels, although the reference is not as direct as it seems.

The Airship is the largest and most complex map in the game to date, and as a result it has led to InnerSloth to hide some references, or Easter eggs, at various points. Even if the map is large, tasks are always completed and players – dead or not – scour the map while they find out who the impostor is.

It did not take these players long to discover some of them, who have posted by Twitter, although these secrets have more to do with InnerSloth than with referenced games. User PJiggles discovered a poster with the final arena that can be unlocked in Super Smash Bros. Melee., titled “Final destination“; although fans of point-and-click on Newgrounds Henry Stickmin will recognize it as an homage to the original series on which the map was based.

In particular, to Infiltrating the Airship and Vault, both games with a series of games to discover, including memes from Team Fortress 2, a Halo energy sword, GoldenEye’s Golden Weapon and, of course, this one that we have named from the level “Final destination“from Melee.

Furthermore, according to Stickmin creator Marcus Bromander, the image is a reference to the meme of “No items, Fox only, Final Destination“, but at this point it is not uncommon for Among Us has references to Henry Stickmin; Bromander is one of the founders of the study InnerSloth, creators of Among Us.

Super Impostor Bros – Among Us fan-made Game Boy title now available

In case you do not know anything about this Henry Stickmin, and you want to correct this, the games have been brought to Steam by InnerSloth and they are already there available. So, in case of wanting know what has led to Among Us before Among Us, is a good way to start.

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