The new Outriders update makes crossplay possible between all platforms

The creators of Outriders highlight their identity outside the game as a service and discuss future DLC

Outriders released a somewhat strange new patch, as it first came to PlayStation and PC consoles, in a Twitter thread explained everything People can fly, they were a bit behind the Xbox versions. However the xbox team they were already helping them to put themselves to the test.

As this update is already available for the rest of the platforms, the crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox and PC It is already possible, although at first certain functions were deactivated. But now that it has been implemented on all platforms, it doesn’t matter where you play and where your friends play, you can do it together.

Outriders update notes

Like any patch, we leave you with the changes and news that have been implemented now that users of Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

PC and consoles

  • Added crossplay on all platforms.
  • Certain stability improvements have been added to matchmaking.
  • Bug fixes for game closures:
    • Fixed a multiplayer bug that removed equipment.
    • Fixed a crash on completion “A bad day“.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred in No Man’s Land when selecting the Spanish language.
    • Fixed closing errors when running the game.
    • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Improved stability when finding a group.
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD would sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented the player from respawning in multiplayer expeditions.
  • Fixed bugs related to players stuck on the map or falling off the edges.
  • You can change the match finding settings from “open” to “closed”, although they can be reversed.
    • This will prevent players from joining games that the creator did not want to put online, as well as avoiding AFK.
    • It will improve the times of finding a game and less queuing times.
  • Other minor fixes and fixes.

As for the PC version, have fixed a performance bug where the GPU was not fully utilized, which will help games flicker less or not at all, and various issues with Directx11 / 12.

Outriders first patch detailed – miscellaneous fixes and nerfs and free rewards as compensation

Also, and now that these problems have been solved, you can continue playing calmly, but accompanied wherever your friends are.

Fountain: GameSpot

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