The Krom Kluster is one of the cheapest wireless mechanical keyboards you can buy, for 44 euros on Amazon

The Krom Kluster is one of the cheapest wireless mechanical keyboards you can buy, for 44 euros on Amazon

Any gamer worth his salt nowadays needs to have a mechanical keyboard. The responsiveness of these keyboards allows us to play with a highly precise experience, and is essential for anyone who wants to play competitively. However, if you want a mechanical keyboard that is also a Bluetooth keyboard, the normal thing is that you have to make a significant outlay, unless you choose the Krom Kluster, a keyboard that is going to become a reference due to its great quality / price ratio.

And it is not easy to find a mechanical keyboard without cables that has an even cheaper price. It has red Outemu switches, and is 60% format so it is a mini keyboard. It fits perfectly in any setup and you can even take it with you wherever you go thanks to its wireless technology and its very contained size. You can buy it right now for 44 euros on Amazon, sold directly by the online store, with what that means in terms of shipping times and guarantees.

Of course, The Krom Kluster is a mechanical keyboard with a Spanish QWERTY layout, and that includes the Ñ. And we say the of course, because in reality it is from a Spanish brand, and it is clear that its main market had to be that of our country. If they are characterized by something, it is by launching products of an affordable price with good quality, as has been the case of the well-known Krom Kernel.

East Krom Kluster differs from the famous model for being wireless thanks to the fact that it has Bluetooth 5.0 technology. But in addition to that, we can also connect it to the computer through the USB cable to charge it and continue using it.

It also differs in format, since it’s a keyboard 60%, with a contained size, in which the cursor keys are dispensed with and we have little more than the letters, and the classic control buttons Enter, Shift, Control and Alt. This makes it small and easy to transport, to the time that we can count on it in an elegant and minimalist setup, but without losing the purely gaming aspect.

In fact, RGB lighting It is one of the keys to this keyboard, which is ideal both from an aesthetic point of view and from a functional point of view to be able to detect the activation of the switches at all times. Have 17 different and configurable effects for the lighting system, so it will fit perfectly with any lighting equipment.

For 44 euros the Krom Kluster It is a perfect keyboard for those who want to switch to a mechanical model and at a balanced price.

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