The Bo-Katan actress in The Mandalorian celebrates her birthday with this cool “helmet cake”

The Bo-Katan actress in The Mandalorian celebrates her birthday with this cool "helmet cake"

When we talk about The Mandalorian there is always a character that comes to mind, and no, it is not the one played by Pedro Pascal, if not a much smaller and green one that the internet baptized as Baby Yoda before knowing that his name was Grogu.

But just because Baby Yoda stole our hearts doesn’t mean that in The Mandalorian there are no other memorable characters, such as the powerful Mandalorian Bo-Katan, whom we met in this second season and whose ultimate goal is to occupy the throne of Mandalore.

A character played by actress Katee Sackhoff, who has been lending her voice for almost eight years in the animated series The Clone Wars, in which Bo-Katan also appears. And of course with this very special relationship between this character and the actress, it is not surprising that to celebrate her 41st birthday her cake has been that special.

As can be seen in the photos that Sackhoff herself has shared on her Instagram profile, this year he celebrated his birthday with a spectacular cake in the shape of Bo-Katan’s helmet. And if it looks good on the outside, what about the moment in which the actress cuts a piece to see what it is like inside.

Without a doubt this It’s not the last time we’ll see Bo-Katan in The MandalorianThe conflict of who should carry the Darksaber after Din Djarin obtained it after winning in combat with Moff Gideon has not yet been resolved.

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