Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this month

Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this month

After launching into Nintendo Switch and PC on December 23 of last year, Super Meat Boy Forever It will now arrive on Xbox One and PS4 in less than a week. It will be next Friday, April 16, when it is officially launched and thus becomes fully available on the rest of the consoles.

Its developer, Team Meat, has made public through a trailer this release date, so that after four months in which it has been available on the aforementioned platforms, will happen to be in these new ones as well. We leave you with this trailer so you can see it for yourself.

Super Meat Boy Forever could be described as something like a spiritual sequel from the original game and features two main characters, Meat Boy on the one hand and on the other his girlfriend, Bandage Girl. Plus, expand on the classic controls with new moves like sliding, diving, and even basic attacks.

More important is the fact that it swaps the handcrafted levels for procedurally generated ones from almost a million possible obstacles. Still retains its difficult 2D platforming gameplay, but it is mixed with other interesting techniques that make it advance like game.

Now him rest of players on console you can enjoy your level generator described as “a remarkable feat of engine and a monumental example of ignoring the limits in rational game design and production“, so now there is no excuse to enjoy the Team Meat title; or trying.

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¿You were waiting for the premiere of Super Meat Boy Forever on the rest of the platforms?

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