Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: will this be your design?

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: ¿será este su diseño?

That Samsung is working on a Galaxy S21 FE (Fans Edition) It should come as no surprise to anyone, considering that its predecessor, the Galaxy S20 FE, was very well received by the market. And it is that it makes a lot of sense to create a kind of “younger brother” of the top of the range, which seeks the balance between offering benefits close to the flagship, but with a price that makes it available to those users who cannot afford the “big” price. This is something that we have seen previously at Apple with their iPhone SE.

Thus, as I mentioned, it is not surprising to confirm that Samsung, which a few months ago did surprise with a drop in the price of the Galaxy S21, is making progress in the design of the Galaxy S21 FE, despite the fact that it has not officially commented on it and everything we “know” has its origin in rumors and leaks. Leaks like the one posted by @OnLeaks on The Voice, which if true would show us the first renderings of the Galaxy S21 FE. And is this filtration reliable? Although there is never absolute certainty at this point, @OnLeaks leaked at the time, with success, the design of the Galaxy S21

In particular, the Galaxy S21 FE has a size slightly smaller compared to the S20 FE, 155.7 x 74.5 x 7.9 mm. That’s a bit taller than the regular S21 and a bit wider, but shorter than the S20 FE. The new model will also be slightly slimmer than last year’s. The new dimensions could point to a 6.4-inch screen size, slightly smaller than last year, or perhaps a reduced bezel size.

Regarding its back, we see that the Galaxy S21 FE would keep the camera bump, similarly to the S21, although according to the leaker, its integration with the back of the phone is more uniform, instead of giving the appearance, as in the S21, of being a separate piece. It is an effect that can be distinguished in the renders, but that we surely cannot fully appreciate until the first real images arrive and, above all, when the Galasy S21 FE finally reaches the market.

And when will that happen? It is still a bit early to make predictions about it, but if we consider that Samsung is a company that likes annual frequencies for renewals, we can expect the Galaxy S21 FE to be announced in September, and that its arrival on the market is not too late with respect to that date.

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