Nokia Lite Earbuds, 36 hours of autonomy “on-the-go” at a very moderate price

Nokia Lite Earbuds

To the recent additions of the families of smartphones X, G and C presented yesterday, today they join the new Nokia Lite Earbuds, another new mid-range terminal that arrives as one of the most used accessories today: wireless headphones.

Starting with its design, we will find the recognizable ‘walking stick’ format, this time away from emulating the lines of the popular Apple AirPods. Nails on smooth and rounded lines for the ends of this pole, and a flattened surface to create the contact surface for your touch control, only the details will stand out additions of the visible brand logo and a small drop-shaped protrusion on the surface over the ear.

Although no less striking will be its colors, which again moving away from the products of the bitten apple, with two color options to choose from Polar Sea, a shade of dark blue; or Charcoal, with a more classic black color, and contrary to the already usual monochrome.

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Equipped with a controller 6 mm covering the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, undoubtedly one of the most remarkable points of the Nokia Lite Earbuds is that we will allow synchronization and playback independently for each earphone. A quality that is often forgotten in devices of higher ranges, and that will allow us to use either of the two headphones without the need to remove the pair from the case.

Another of the strengths of these headphones will be their autonomy, which, as stated by Nokia, will reach «nearly twice the industry standard«. And it is that although the headphones will have a basic value of six hours of playback, its small case will feature a 400 mAh battery, capable of offering up to five additional charges “on-the-go”, increasing up to a total of 36 hours of autonomy without the need to resort to a charging source.

Thus, the strategy that the company has followed with the Nokia Lite Earbuds stands out, moving away from the inclusion of high-end features such as noise cancellation, opting for a strategy exclusively focused on its low price. And is that although there is currently a huge market for headphones of white brands or less renowned Chinese manufacturers, in this case we will have the security, guarantee and support of one of the best-known companies of all time.

Availability and price

Already started its international sales under a recommended starting price of only 39 euros, It is surprising that we still cannot find these headphones on the official website of the brand, where they are expected to appear in the coming days.

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