Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock All 8 Secret Armors And Which One Is The Best

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If you are one of those players who must search for all the content of the games and make the most of it, do not doubt for a second that Monster Hunter Rise has a lot of hidden content to offer.

Among the many armor sets available in Monster Hunter Rise, some stand out above others given their rarity and many others even go unnoticed by a few players.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock All 8 Secret Armors And Which One Is The Best

There are eight extra armor sets that you can unlock in Monster Hunter Rise. and all of them are obtained through a series of special materials that you must obtain, not from your hunts, but from the Comrade Square.

Hibiscus, Spring Carp, Dream Shell, Flower Cricket, Scarab, Toxic Kumori, Sinister Cloth, and Armored Sea Bream are the materials you need to collect to unlock these armor. From there, you will need other extra materials that you can obtain in drops or collecting resources.

However, how do you get these special resources mentioned above? Thanks to Rondine and her Argosy and to Miaurcenarios. When we trade with him Argosy We will see three categories that encompass various materials: the Champimercado (mushrooms and bugs), Sunsnung Fair (berries) Y Glacial bazaar (fish and herbs). With your orders to these products you will sometimes get bonus materials and it is those that will help you unlock these secret armors.

Besides, to unlock the pestilential armor, you will need sinister cloth (we leave you the guide). How to get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise. We also attach the list of hidden armor:

  • Spio
  • Edel
  • Melahoa
  • Vaik
  • Makluva
  • Jelly
  • Mosgharl
  • Pestilential

Especially the Spio armorBeyond its elaborate design, it is highly recommended to obtain it as it counteracts poisonous attacks, offers resistance to fire and dragon and has three levels of latent Power and two levels of Weak Point.

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