Microsoft Rewards: points coming soon for using Microsoft Search

Microsoft Rewards: próximamente puntos por emplear Microsoft Search

If you still do not know Microsoft Rewards, it is quite likely that you are not getting the most out of your day-to-day actions in front of the PC. And it is that this rewards program, launched by Microsoft some time ago, from time to time adds new ways through which it is possible to obtain points that, in turn, you can exchange for various rewards. A very interesting program to which, yes, I have the feeling that it lacks some visibility, but I will comment on this later.

Reviewing the Microsoft 365 roadmap, that is, what the engineers of this technology division plan to do in the future and what the engineers of this technology division are currently working on, we find that users of work and school accounts will start to receive Microsoft Rewards points starting in May if they use Microsoft Search, Microsoft’s search and indexing service for those environments (not to be confused with Microsoft Bing, the company’s web browser). Neither the number of points nor the frequency with which they can be obtained is not specified, but we can try to find out based on the points that are obtained by using Bing.

Yes, you read that correctly, using the Microsoft search engine on a day-to-day basis is one of the fastest ways to obtain Microsoft Rewards points. You did not know? Normal, and that is precisely what I was referring to earlier with the lack of visibility. Up to 33 points can be earned each day, three for each search in Bing (with a maximum of 30 daily) and another three daily for using Bing in Microsoft Edge. 990 monthly points just for moving, if you haven’t already, part of your daily Internet activity to the Microsoft browser and search engine.

With this new way of capitalizing Microsoft Rewards points, it should be understood that Microsoft will work to give more visibility to its rewards system among users of professional and educational accounts and, if the new rewards do not eliminate those already associated with Bing, this could be a way to achieve even more points each month, with which to obtain rewards such as monthly subscriptions to some Microsoft services and third parties, participate in raffles or, for the more altruistic, donate their points to various charities. And hence the jump to private users? It is what you would expect.

Although the browser wars continue to have Google Chrome as the undisputed leader, Microsoft Edge is gradually climbing positions, and Redmond’s online services ecosystem grows day by day not only in quantity, but also in quality, with outstanding examples such as your online translator. It is not easy, of course, to face the search giant, but at this point Microsoft Rewards can be, without a doubt, an excellent tool to attract new users.

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