Loki resurrects to prop up the MCU at Disney +


Disney published this week the new trailer for the series of Loki , whose premiere is scheduled for June 11 and, we must admit, they are spinning fine to catch all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) on Disney + … Which is no surprise.

But, it must also be recognized, the merit of the UCM has been none other than that of bringing to the big screen with the required plastic quality -something that was not possible until now- the stories of some comic superheroes whose cinematographic revenues are nurtured considerably of new followers, many of whom have never read a Marvel comic in their lives … Which is no surprise either.

That, and the not inconsiderable work of building over a decade a series of franchises that have ended up transcending in popular culture at the level of any other mass reference. Respect. However, once the big names are exhausted -Robert Downey Jr. and his Iron Man or Chris Evans and his Captain America are a thing of the past- it’s time to rebuild and pull secondary as Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier or Loki.

Against all odds and despite the delays of premieres such as Black widow, The pandemic period has been good for Disney, which for the first time since 2008, has spent a whole year without appropriating the billboards. And it is not that this period has influenced the company’s plans regarding the series it is producing and that were already announced, but it has given them a new perspective from which to approach the task.

In addition to Disney + has become the priority for Burbank it is more than evident, as shown by the launches they are making on the platform -de Artemis Fowl to Mulan, passing by Onward or Raya and the last dragon and what will be around you- and how angry the film industry is and as they claim from the company itself, given the success of its original productions based on its two great franchises, the UCM and Star Wars.


But let’s go back to Loki, who is the real protagonist of this post. And it is that if many more things are expected from Star Wars, for now they have only placed – again, with undeniable success- The Mandalorian. With the UCM, however, they go much faster, but in the same way, treading on safe: the play with WandaVision it turned out very well and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, in a rather more canonical style, it seems to go the same way.

What will become of Loki? The character is supposed to be dead and to be resurrected for a series, which in fact is not a prequel to his adventures, it doesn’t sound correct. But if we discard the Avengers, who will no longer return the still ‘filmable’ ones, which are hardly going to start making series at this point -although you never know- little usable was left and have the impeccable Owen Wilson in the role again The god of lies is not to complain either.

From what the new trailer for LokiFurthermore, what is in store for us is more like the most fabulous adaptation of WandaVision than to the prefabricated action of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which in principle looks good. In any case, Disney is laying its laurels on each series it produces and it shows. After all, they have always been dedicated to popcorn entertainment and this is what they continue to do… and what the public seems to demand.

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