First images of Jude Law as Captain Hook in the movie Peter Pan & Wendy

First images of Jude Law as Captain Hook in the movie Peter Pan & Wendy

Although now many of his animation classics are being discovered as perpetuators of attitudes and stereotypes that are disliked today, classic Disney movies continue to be a source of income for the studio, especially since they are based on great successes of children’s literature that always attract the little ones.

That is why it is not surprising that the study you have decided to turn your great animation classics into live action movies That they continue to burst the box office around the world, it has already done with The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, and the next classic that he plays is that of Peter Pan.

Renamed Peter Pan and Wendy, this new adaptation of JM Barrie’s novel is already in full swing, and as often happens in recent times when filming outdoors, someone has gotten the first photos of Jude Law as the fearsome, as well as funny, Captain Hook, although in none of them you can see the prosthesis that he gives name.

This new adaptation, that it will go direct to Disney + and that is expected to be released in 2022, is directed by David Lowery, who also handled the remake of Peter and the Dragon. Alexander Monoly will be Peter Pan, Yara Sahidi, Tinker Bell and Ever Anderson, Wendy.

We will see if Jude Law manages to live up to the most unforgettable Captain Hook of cinema, the one played by Dustin Hoffman in the wonderful Hook.

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