Firmware updates: Do you know the value of support in a router?

Actualizaciones de firmware

Firmware updates are essential to keep your router in good condition. As some of our readers will know, these types of updates allow us to introduce improvements that operate both in terms of security and reliability, stability and also performance. With all that in mind, its importance is beyond doubt, but did you know that with these updates it is also possible to improve the performance of the router and add new functions?

AVM is aware of the value, and of the difference, that good support at the firmware level can make, and for this reason it has maintained, since its inception, a clear commitment to offer signature updates on a regular basis that introduce numerous improvements in their main products. These updates can improve, as we said, security, stability, performance and add new features, thereby extending the useful life of these products.

FRITZ! OS: Simple, Safe and Efficient Firmware Updates

AVM routers use the popular operating system FRITZ! OS, based on Linux, that offers a simple, intuitive and very easy-to-use graphical interface. This operating system receives frequent updates and works very similar to that of any standard PC operating system. This is also an important value, as it makes even less knowledgeable users comfortable from the first minute.

There is no doubt that FRITZ! OS is one of the most important pillars within the FRITZ! Box routers, and it makes a very big difference from everything we have said before. Through FRITZ! OS we can make a large number of adjustments and adapt the configuration to our needs with a few simple clicks. We can also take advantage of the Automatic Updates built-in, which will periodically check for firmware updates and install them for us.

I know what you’re thinking, that it’s not such a big deal, and that firmware updates can’t make that huge of a difference. Well, the truth is that the opposite happens, and when you have been using a FRITZ! Box router for several years, you realize it in the best possible way. enjoying a fantastic user experience. Let’s see a couple of examples to understand it better.

More than 170 improvements in two firmware updates

With the release of FRITZ! OS 7.20, AVM produced a firmware update that introduced more than 100 improvements. Yes, you read that right, more than a hundred improvements with an update. In this article we already talked about the most important ones, so I invite you to take a look. Recently, AVM released FRITZ! OS 7.25, another firmware update that introduced over 70 new features, and that it improved important aspects within teleworking to respond to the new normal that the COVID-19 pandemic has left us.

All those improvements, and that important ability to real-time adaptation of a device as important as the router, have been exclusively for the users of a FRITZ! Box, and would not have been possible without that special care that AVM maintains in everything related to support and firmware updates on its products. I think that the importance of this type of update has become more than clear, a router that receives good support evolves, and ages, much better, and withstands the passage of time without problems.

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