Apple: iMessage on Android would hurt us

Apple: iMessage en Android nos perjudicaría

If you are a user of an Apple device, you’ve probably wondered if iMessage could be used to chat with Android users. And if you are an Android user, it is even possible that right now you are wondering what iMessage is. If this is your case, clarify that iMessage is Apple’s own instant messaging app and service and with which users can communicate between their Apple devices.

On iOS, iMessage is integrated into the same app as SMS messages, to the point that the system, when trying to send a message to a contact, first tries it through iMessage, and if it cannot, it does so as a text message. .

As a user of Apple devices with contacts, both personal and professional, who also use Apple devices, the truth is that I hardly use it. And it is not a criticism, be careful, I think it works quite well, the animated memojis function is very fun and its collections of emotes, although some are paid, also add a lot of salt to the conversations. The problem is that the scope, in the end, is very limited.

This could be fixed if Apple decided to bring iMessage to Android as an app that gave access to the service. It does not seem particularly complicated, and I bet that if only out of curiosity, quite a few users would be encouraged to try it. This, in turn, would cause more users of Apple devices to use it more regularly, and, well, that’s how virtuous circles, market share growth, and success stories are described.

The problem is that, as we have seen on 9to5Google, Apple doesn’t want iMessage to come to Android. It is not that he does not care, no, it is that he is against this happening. We have been able to find out this thanks to the documentation presented by Apple for its legal case against Epic Games, whose views will be held next month, and which promises to be one of the most tense moments of this 2021 in the technology sector.

And what is the reason why Apple does not want iMessage to reach Android? The short version is «Moving iMessage to Android will do us more harm than help us«. Do you want the extended version?

«IMessage on Android would simply be used to eliminate [un] Barrier for iPhone Families to Give Their Kids Android Phones »

Craig Federighi

You can say higher, but not clearer. Now, does Apple really think that the only reason parents buy iPhones for their kids is the exclusivity of iMessage? It is hard for me to believe it, the truth, and on the part of the company in the ecosystem that they have created, precisely for families.

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