Amazon Luna will support 720p resolution for slower connections

Amazon Luna

The idea behind game streaming is to shift most of the work from our devices to remote servers, which implies that cAny device can play AAA games without the need to meet your high requirements. However, these streaming services generate new problems such as signal delay or internet connection speed requirements.

Something that from Amazon Luna seem to have become aware, announcing the new 720p retransmission capability, which by slightly sacrificing the resolution quality of the games, will help maintain a smoother experience with your game streaming service, even under the use of weaker or slower connections.

As we can read in the shared statement: «Starting today, we will enable a new 720p option, allowing a reduction in bandwidth and data consumption by broadcasting at a lower resolution. […] With this configuration, customers whose ISPs restrict the data cap will be able to play at a lower resolution without sacrificing game performance. To use this option, customers can go to Luna’s settings tab and select 720p, it’s that easy!»

In the Audio and Video Quality tab of the Luna settings, we can switch between 1080p and 720p resolutions. These options also estimate the amount of data each one consumes, with 720p using up to 5GB per hour versus 10GB per hour than 1080p, and infinitely further from the 4K option, with an estimated consumption of 23GB per hour.

Although in fact this last high-quality option is for the moment sticking to the company’s future intentions, without having shared any date or period on when it will begin to be available.

Also remember that currently Amazon Luna is only available as limited early access, we can still request an invitation from the Amazon website.

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