This is how the classic Mortal Kombat theme sounds as a remix for the new movie

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Now that the premiere of the new Mortal Kombat movie is so close, on April 16, we begin to know that not only have the digital effects, the actors or even the director himself been updated, but also the soundtrack has been improved to accommodate the new tape.

And is that The new Mortal Kombat will also include the classic Techno Syndrome composed by The Immortals for the first film, but he is going to do it with a version in which Benjamin Wallfisch, composer of the soundtrack of Shazam !, and producer Tom Norris, who has worked with Skrillex or Lady Gaga have participated.

“When I was invited to join Mortal Kombat was well aware of the responsibility of entering a franchise so deeply rooted in popular culture with such a passionate fan base “, explained Wallfisch which has clarified that it first waited to have the approval of its original authors, The Immortals.

In the final result, which can be heard in this YouTube video, in addition to other music streaming services such as iTunes or Spotify, The director of the new Mortal Kombat movie, Simon McQuoid, also participated.

“Ben and I knew we had to use the classic Mortal Kombat theme, Techno Syndrome, as the base material for the entire soundtrack of the film. But as we started working we realized that we needed to create an updated version of the song and Ben succeeded. The first time I heard this 2021 version of Techno Syndrome, my head exploded, “revealed McQuoid.

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