The Attack on Titan manga has come to an end and its authors say goodbye with hope

The world's largest Attack on Titan manga weighs more than 13 kilos and costs $ 1,400

There are manga that mark an era because of their quality and, above all, how much they mark those who read it. But also there are sleeves that are not only essential on paper but also, when they are turned into anime they are a mass phenomenon.

And this is precisely what has happened with the Attack on Titan manga, which after eleven years publishing numbers it has come to an end, but not before leaving all his fans with a wonderful anime series that is still in its fourth season.

To announce the farewell to the manga, its creators have written an emotional letter to thank all the fans their confidence as well as their loyalty throughout this decade, but they have also wanted to say goodbye with a message of hope in case at some point they consider continuing with Attack on Titan in manga format.

“For the readers of Attack on Titan, this world that did not exist until 2009, was turned into pictures and words, giving it meaning, turning it into a story, our first issue was printed by Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and for eleven years it has been serialized thanks at the hands of Hajime Isayama During these eleven years and seven months of continuous good news, the series has been visited by moments of sadness, problems and goodbyes.

Even so, we believe that there is nothing more valuable than people who show the feelings that cannot be turned into words for a story. We are very happy to have been able to share this with the readers and fellow Attack on Titan. Although the series has ended, these memories will always remain in our hearts. Thanks for reading us. The battle has only just begun! “

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