New Movies and Series on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Disney + on the Weekend (April 9)

Them - Interviews with the creator and cast of the Amazon Prime horror series

We come to the weekend and the main streaming platforms begin to launch their respective novelties to have us well hooked on the sofa while we enjoy these days of rest. And as is customary in Hobby Consolas, today we do a quick review of some of the best new movies and series on Netflix, HBO Spain, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Spain to watch on the weekend of April 9, 2021. Take good note!

We start the most outstanding news of Netflix Spain with From Yakuza to householder, a new Netflix original anime series whose plot revolves around Tatsu, the deadliest man in the Japanese yakuza nicknamed “The Immortal.” However, when a terrible incident left him badly injured, Tatsu decided to step away from the path of the mafia and settle down to become the ideal householder and devoted servant of Miku, his industrious wife.

However, as much as he struggles to put his past behind between cooking classes, gym routines and neighborhood activities with the neighbors, the past is less dead than he thinks, and it will return to lead him astray in ways more elaborate, violent and, of course, hilarious that there can be. Here you can read our review of From Yakuza to Homemaker.

Among the best Netflix movies we have Thunder Patrol, a funny comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer whose plot presents us with a world in which supervillains are a common element in society where they roam freely committing evils. But this will change when two childhood friends reunite to form a team of superheroines after one of them has devised a treatment that gives them superpowers.

As for the best HBO Spain movies, it should be noted An ocean between us, biopic film starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz that tells the true story of Donald Crowhurst, an amateur sailor and veteran of the British Royal Air Force who in 1968 participated in the Golden Globe Race, an important competition that consists of circumnavigating around the world without stops. However, Donald decided to mislead the organizers of the event as to what his true position was in order to participate and opt to win the succulent cash prize with which he could clean up his finances.

Among the most outstanding Amazon Prime Video series we have Them, an anthological horror series that, following the style of other television productions such as American Horror Story, The curse of Hill House or The Terror, each season tells a self-concluding story. The plot of the first season of Them is set in the 50s, where a black family moves to a neighborhood in Los Angeles. However, what promised to be an idyllic new beginning in their lives turns into a nightmare when malevolent forces from another world begin to emerge and threaten to destroy them. Here is our review of Them.

The shape of water

We hit the best Disney Plus premiere movies with The shape of water, the Oscar-winning film by Guillermo del Toro starring, among others, Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, Michael Shannon and Octavia Spencer, whose plot is set in the middle of the Cold War and tells the story of Eliza, a silent cleaning employee who works in a government facility that hides secret laboratories and whose life changes when it discovers the existence of a man-amphibian with unique qualities who lives locked up and is the victim of various experiments, emerging a strange connection between the two. This is our review of The Shape of Water.

Among the best new Disney Plus series we have the premiere of season 2 of Solar Opposites, animated series created by one of the Rick and Morty writers that tells the story of a team of four aliens who escape from their home world that has exploded and they land in a house “ready to move in” in a suburban neighborhood in the United States. Although the group has disparate opinions about the inhabitants of the Earth, they must fulfill their mission to protect Pupa, a living supercomputer that will one day end up assuming its true form, devour them and terraform the Earth. Here we remind you of our review of episodes 1 and 2 of Solar Opposites.

The new episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the Marvel Cinematic Universe series in which Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have to face a new army of super soldiers while they will have to deal with the arrival of John Walker, the new Captain America. Here you can read our review of Falcon and the Winter Soldier chapter 4.

Here we finish our review of the best new movies and series on Netflix, HBO Spain, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Spain to watch on the weekend of April 9, 2021. With which of all these novelties will you spend these rest days?

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