Marvel removes references to the X-Men on a website promoting Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This deepfake of Falcon and the Winter Soldier places Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams as protagonists

After having finished his spectacular cinematic universe that he built over a decade with Avengers: Endgame, now Marvel has decided to focus more on its series, which does not mean that it will neglect the cinema, above all because they allow to open new doors that will later be explored with films.

After Scarlet Witch and Vision, it’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier that is giving Marvel fans their weekly fix of superheroes, plus discover locations and characters known to comic book fans but not seen on any screen yet, whether big or small.

For example, the mysterious city of Madripur, to which Falcon and the Winter Soldier traveled with Baron Zemo In chapter 3 of the Disney + series, a location that the studio is promoting as if it were a tourist destination with a website dedicated to it entirely.

A website that, according to reports IGN, It has undergone some slight changes in the last hours as there were certain parts of it that could be unlocked with different codes, which gave you access to know, for example, the boats that were moored to the port of Madripur and that they had names like Mystic or Daken (son of Wolverine in the comics) that made clear reference to the X-Men.

However, all this information has been removed from the web, despite the fact that Madripur is one of the most common locations in the X-Men comics, where we have seen the New Mutants and even Wolverine. Could it be that Marvel has an announcement about the X-Men prepared soon and did not want it to be released that way?

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