Hasbro reveals Optimus Prime robot that transforms itself … for $ 700

Hasbro reveals Optimus Prime robot that transforms itself ... for $ 700

Although toy companies always try to give the products they sell as realistic as possible so that they resemble the objects or characters we see in series and movies, when we hold them in our hands it seems that something is missing. A feeling that will not happen with the new Optimus prime from Hasbro.

And, despite the fact that the Transformers began as toys before becoming an animated series and a millionaire film franchise directed by Michel Bay, Who hasn’t dreamed of having a Transformer robot that really transforms?

Well, this fantasy has been made a reality by the robot company Robosen Robotics, who together with Hasbro has created an Optimus Prime that transforms himself from a truck to a robot. But it is not the only thing that this impressive robot can do, because as you can see in the video in which a journalist tries it for the first time, the “toy” responds to voice commands such as “attack” or “there is Megatron” .

Composed of more than 5,000 pieces, including 60 microchips and 27 servo motors, This impressive Optimus Prime figure reaches 48 centimeters in height and its price is 699 dollars (about 587 euros), although at the moment it can only be reserved through the official website of Hasbro Pulse, in which it is estimated that the robot will be on sale from October 1 of this year.

If we have been good, it seems like a good gift for next Christmas …

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