Darth Vader’s electronic helmet, with voice module, for 99 euros on sale: perfect for Star Wars fans

Darth Vader's electronic helmet, with voice module, for 99 euros on sale: perfect for Star Wars fans

There is no more legendary character than Star Wars than Darth Vader. In fact, on several occasions he has been considered one of the most mythical villains that have been created. It is not uncommon, therefore, that any Star Wars fan considers him an icon of the saga. And less rare is that the official Darth Vader electric helmet for collectors is one of the most sought after products for fans. Right now you can buy it at a special price at Zavvi, being a great opportunity.

The darth vader electronic helmet It is one of the most complete electronic helmets from Star Wars, because it is not limited to just adding a small light, but its functions go further. And is that is even capable of modifying the voice so that what we say resembles Darth Vader. Your price of 99 euros right now on Zavvi makes it a must buy and even mandatory thanks to the fact that it has a discount of almost 70 euros compared to its original price.

The Darth Vader’s electronic helmet stands out mainly for its voice modulator, which is responsible for distorting the voice so that in this way it seems that we are talking to the Lord of the Sith. And we do not have to do anything, or use the mobile or any application, the helmet does it automatically. We just have to press a side button for it to start distorting our voice.

Besides this, it also includes mythical sounds like the classic assisted breathing required by Darth Vader after his ill-fated confrontation with Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as some legendary lines from the original trilogy. Mind you, the phrases are from the English version of the movie, so it might not be an interesting feature if you’re not a fan of the original version.

Another of the great characteristics of this helmet, unlike the rest of the Star Wars electronic helmets that are available and are official, is that it consists of different pieces, so that to put it on you have to follow the same process that Darth Vader follows, installing the neck piece first, then the one around the face, and finally the top helmet.

All these features make it a must-buy for any Star Wars fan, and that is far above other collectibles in the saga. In fact, whether it is for you or if you know someone who likes Star Wars, it is a great opportunity to get for just 99 euros.

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