Although it might seem that after the premiere of Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League, the accusations against Warner and his way of doing things were going to end, the truth is that there is not a week in which any of those involved in the film do not attack the studio for how bad they behaved at the time.

Now it is the turn of Chris Terrio, writer of Batman v Superman and Justice League, which in an extensive interview with Vanity fair has been dispatched at ease with the study, which he accuses of “vandalizing” The Justice League for having released the version of Whedon in theaters.

“I was hearing things about reshoots but I didn’t realize how much the movie was going to change, or how much it was going to be vandalized, in my opinion. After talking to some actors it became clear to me that it was a dismantling of everything we had done. I did not hear anyone say that it was a pleasant experience, “explained Terrio, who confesses that he was horrified when he saw the final cut.

“At the time I was in Los Angeles working with JJ Abrams on The Rise of Skywalker but I drove to the studio and I saw the version of Justice League that was going to be released in a couple of weeks. As soon as I left I called my lawyer to have my name removed from the credits“Terrio recalled that he admits that it was not possible because the copies had already been sent to theaters and having to send the films again without his name would have caused” a public scandal “that he did not want either.

But Terrio is not only resentful with Warner for the Justice League, because before already had a run-in with the studio, when they cut 30 minutes from the movie Batman vs Superman, without which the motivation of the two heroes was not understood.

“If you take 30 minutes of Argo [la película con la que ganó un Oscar], like they did with Batman vs Superman, it wouldn’t make any sense. The critics would see it and say “what a vague script” because the characters have no motivation and it is not coherent. And I would agree with them “, assured the scriptwriter.