Best mods for The Sims 4 (April 2021): 50 new social interactions, Superman or Zelda fan items …

Best mods for The Sims 4 (April 2021): 50 new social interactions, Superman or Zelda fan items ...

With the arrival of spring we want to recommend you a lot of new mods for The Sims 4 that will offer you totally exclusive experiences and where we will not only be able to work on what we want, but also improve the social interactions of the characters, add exclusive game functions, participate in new career paths and even clothing inspired by famous licenses.

And is that thanks to the community of players we have different modifications that appear every month, and we investigate to bring you the best ones with a free link so that you can download them.

First we are going to highlight the most important modifications of April 2021, and later a list of other modifications that you should also take into account and that are more focused on furniture, clothing and other various functions.

Best mods for The Sims 4 (April 2021): 50 new social interactions, Superman or Zelda fan items …

Unlimited jobs (to download)

If you like to work and you want your sim to profit but without having free time, you can download this modification which basically what it does is that we have the option to choose multiple jobs.

In this way, your character will be able to sign up for a multitude of part-time, full-time and independent jobs, balancing the multiple career paths so that your character knows everything in the future, although you will have to manage the time slots because they are going to overlap.

50 new social interactions (to download)

With this modification we totally change the way our characters communicate with each other. For this, more than 50 social interactions are added to the game with different moods that you have never seen, exclusive abilities and a greater narrative context in the relationships of the characters.

The sims 4

New game features (to download)

Thanks to this modification, up to 12 new game functions have been added, including:

  • Complementary traits
  • Talents
  • Color preferences
  • Style preferences
  • Random fashion options
  • Location preferences
  • Hobby and skill preferences
  • Reworked aspirations
  • Secondary aspirations
  • BetterSims Menu
  • Change aspiration bonus trait
  • Cheat Menu

New career paths and aspirations

The sims 4

If you are tired of the same old jobs, you can try any of the following new ones:

New actions in the game

The sims 4

If you want to change the playable equation, you can reinvent the program with some of the following modifications:

Modifiers for clothing and appearance

The sims 4

If you want your Sims to feel like they are totally different characters, inspired even by licenses we all know, you can try the following mods:

Exclusive construction and furniture

The sims 4

For those who want to turn their home into something totally unique, some objects inspired by video games or movies, you can download:

So you have enough material to download throughout the current month of April, to give your experience of The Sims 4 as a totally new game. If you have been wanting more, you can also check how to play in first person, the 20 best mods for The Sims 4, tricks of the sims Star Wars, all the tricks of Ecological Life, curious mods of state of life, spicy mods , 30 things you didn’t know you could do, mods for more realistic experiences and the best mods of May, June, July and August and December.

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