The Day Before gameplay, an MMO that looks like a cross between The Division and The Last of Us

The Day Before gameplay, an MMO that looks like a cross between The Division and The Last of Us

The Day Before, the new PC game from the Russian studio Fntastic, is an ambitious MMO that is very (very) reminiscent of The Division, although with an aesthetic closer to that of The Last of Us or Days Gone. It was announced at the beginning of 2021, and at the moment it does not have an estimated release date, but it does have several details, in addition to an extensive gameplay revealed today.

The Day Before is set in an open world, in a Post-pandemic America with infected zombie-style, and survivor factions fighting each other for control of resources.

You start the adventure alone, and you will have to use yourself to get food, weapons and a car with which to explore the environment, more rural than in the Ubisoft game.




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Via IGN We have received this 13-minute gameplay, which shows the high graphic finish of the game, which for now is only announced for PC (it has a tab in Steam). In the video we see the exploration of a rural area, on foot and aboard a vehicle, with a style perhaps closer to simulation than in the other games mentioned.

The connection with The Division seems to be intentional … because the art of the game is practically identical, due to the location and the framing of the shot, to this image from The Division, as they pointed from Resetera.

The Division

What do you think of The Day Before? Without a doubt, the project looks very ambitious, and has a graphic finish worthy of AAA. Attentive to the future for more news, because it looks like its development will go on for a long time (it has no date).

Meanwhile, on PS4 with PS Plus you can play Days gone, an aesthetic game similar to The Day Before (but for a single player). Today we learned that Bend Studios wanted to make a sequel … but Sony was not for the work.

Source: IGN

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