PS5 has already outsold Wii U, PS Vita and Dreamcast in the UK

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PS5 is reaping big numbers when it comes to sales. Despite the low stock in stores and lack of semiconductors to manufacture consoles, Sony is approaching its sales forecasts set for this year 2021.

To date, the new PlayStation console accumulates more than 6 million units sold around the world. This allows PS5 to position itself as the best-selling next-generation platform in its first months, but it has also managed to beat three consoles in the United Kingdom, one of the territories where it is having the most success.

According to the portal GamesIndustry and the analyst Christopher Dring, PS5 has already surpassed total sales of Wii U, PS Vita and Dreamcast in the UK. As you know, these systems did not have a great commercial performance, although they have earned a place in the hearts of the players.

Christopher Dring confirmed it on his Twitter account, throwing this data as a curiosity. ”Surprise fact: PlayStation 5 in the UK now has outsold Wii U, PlayStation Vita and Sega Dreamcast

Although we do not know the exact figures for Wii U or Dreamcast in that country, for example, Playstation Vita managed to sell just over 700,000 units, so PS5 is above that figure. Games like Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales or the recent Outriders are having great success with British gamers.




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To give you an idea, we are going to compare the sales that PS5 carries around the world and the total number of units that the three consoles already mentioned were able to sell. Considering that the Sony console has been more than 6 million in five months since its launch (in November 2020), Wii U managed to sell a total of 13.5 million (5 years), PS Vita, 16 million (7 years) Y Dreamcast, 10.6 million (4 years).

To date, Nintendo Switch continues to dominate the British market, both in hardware and games. Yes, PS5 sales have skyrocketed in recent weeks, and, as a curious fact, Xbox Series X | S was the best-selling console in that territory in January. The new generation is very close.

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