New stills from the filming of the Hawkeye series show Alaqua Cox as Echo

Marvel would be preparing a spinoff of the Hawkeye series with Echo as the protagonist

While on days like today Marvel fans wait to see the new episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios continues the production of their next series for Disney Plus, among which is Hawk Eye. The Clint barton from Jeremy renner will finally enjoy prominence in a production of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will narrate the consequences suffered after Avengers Endgame. In addition we will be introduced to Hailee steinfeld What Kate bishop, Barton’s successor.

Long ago we saw Renner and Steinfeld characterized as Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in the series of Hawk Eye. However, most of the secondary ones have remained protected from the lens of the press cameras.

But the folks at Just Jared have managed to capture some outdoor photos of Alaqua cox, who plays Maya Lopez / Echo in the Hawkeye series. Although in the images she is not distinguished as the Marvel character by the absence of her recognizable white hand drawn on her face.

Echo is a deadly Native American assassin who is also deaf. Eventually the Marvel comics ended up making her a heroine, although not without first having their pluses and minuses with some consecrated heroes such as Daredevil. In the photographs she is seen at night, next to a motorcycle, although she is also seen meeting with Fra Fee, who will play The clown in the series. We bring you some of the captured images, but you have the complete gallery in the Just Jared website.

Do you think Echo will have a relevant role in Hawkeye? Remember that Marvel has plans to produce a series focused on the character of Alaqua Cox, although they are not confirmed yet.

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