New Pokémon Snap details the colorful Lensis region in extensive Japanese trailer

New Pokémon Snap details the colorful Lensis region in extensive Japanese trailer

Nintendo Switch receives New Pokémon Snap on April 30 as the first game to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved saga. Its formula revalues ​​what is seen in Pokémon Snap on Nintendo 64, to present us with a new region full of color and secrets.

We have to look for the different species that make up Lensis and for this we will need to pull the reel. This new region offers many ecosystems to visit, which have been portrayed in a new video released for Japan. Here we leave it for you:

Throughout the almost seven minutes of this gameplay, some elements that we have not seen in western trailers were presented and images of some of the more than 200 pokémon that will be present in New Pokémon Snap were offered.

The Lensis region will feature forests, meadows, deserts, rivers, seas and many other places where life makes its way. To interact with the pokémon we can use various items, such as food, and thus we will have access to new behaviors and actions. Amount of pokémon have been portrayed in the video.

The video also emphasizes the importance of photographs and their social functions. In addition to taking snapshots, they can also be customized and edited so that other players can see them.

Not too long ago, New Pokémon Snap revealed new features: gyroscope controls, character voices, and more. Did you know that the Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres exist in real life … but they are not the species you expect?

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