Developers talk about DualSense – it takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it

Developers talk about DualSense - it takes a lot of work, but it's worth it

One of the great novelties of PS5 with respect to PS4 is its controller DualSense. Beyond a groundbreaking design, the haptic functions of the new Sony remote They are a source of praise from the developers, and games like Returnal are expected to make use of them in a way never seen before.

Different voices from the industry speak on this issue in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine. Specifically, members of Capcom (Resident Evil), Giant Squid (The Pathless) and Kylotonn (WRC9) rave about the DualSense, noting that it requires a lot of work but the results are well worth it.

You already know that two great advantages of DualSense are vibration by zones (something that Astro’s Playroom exploits very well) and adaptive triggers, whose benefits will be reflected in future PS5 titles such as Deathloop, Horizon II Forbidden West or the aforementioned Returnal.

Haptic feedback from the DualSense requires a lot of work, but is worth an investment to increase the immersion. We also know that gamers are always looking for smoother gameplay (60fps minimum) and better visual quality, so there is also another challenge in doing more detail and photorealism, but improving the frame rate at the same time. At least the hardware help with more power”, explains Benoit Jacquier, developer of Kylotonn (WRC series).

The controller totally changes the ergonomics of the DualShock 4

For its part, Capcom, which will soon release Resident Evil Village on PS5, claims that adaptive triggers go a long way for player immersion. For example, titles like Returnal will have alternative firing modes, depending on the force we exert on the DualSense triggers.

Since the weight of the triggers would determine how it would feel like shooting a gun, it was hard to decide how much weight felt realistic” says Morimasa Sato, one of the creatives behind the impending Resident Evil Village.

Finally, the Giant Squid team admits that they were initially skeptical about what the DualSense would mean, but that they ended up surprised with its news regarding the DualShock 4 on PS4. The player immersion is key to the PS5 experience.




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I was honestly skeptical of the DualSense, wondering if it would be a significant addition. However, after tweaking it and playing The Pathless with it for a week or so, I realized I was wrong when I tried it again with a PS4 controller” says Matt Nava.

On April 30, Returnal will arrive, one of the exclusive PS5 keys for this 2021, which will make use of the DualSense functions. Sadly, in the case of Deathloop we will have to wait until September 14, just like Gran Turismo 7 for 2022.

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