Bosslogic Unveils Official Mortal Kombat IMAX Poster

Bosslogic Unveils Official Mortal Kombat IMAX Poster

There is very little left for us to see the Mortal Kombat characters again make the leap to the big screen. The Midway Games franchise had two big screen adaptations in the 1990s, though the sequel is largely forgettable. Now, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and company are ready to face each other again in the movies, and those involved have promised a good deal of blood and fatalities to give Mortal Kombat fans what they want.

We have already seen some Mortal Kombat posters anticipating your arrival. Next week (if there are no changes) it will hit theaters in our country, while in the United States they will have to wait until April 23, when the film will hit theaters and HBO Max simultaneously.

Warner has commissioned Bosslogic, a recurring artist in these parts for his creations, create the Mortal Kombat official poster for IMAX. The Australian artist has presented his creation through his social networks and, of course, the result is impressive.

With the vast majority of Mortal Kombat characters gathered on the poster, it is clear that each fan will be able to choose which character to support in this bloody battle that awaits, but the duel between Scorpion and Sub-Zero will be one of the most focuses important parts of the movie. And it is to see Hiroyuki Sanada like Scorpion already Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero reaching unsuspected limits is something that any fan of Mortal Kombat video games is going to enjoy like the first time they faced them in combat.

What do you think of the Mortal Kombat poster for IMAX created by Bosslogic?

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